Who we are

We are a team of young, dynamic, technological engineers up with the times. We operate in the domestic and international markets to help meet the growing needs of our clients in the fire protection engineering.

Our wide range of expertise helps clients to maintain safety, minimize risk and save time and money in the design, management and construction of buildings, systems and solutions to protect against the cost of potential losses due to fire events.

Our solutions are studied one by one to easily fit into our clients’ business objectives, culture and priorities.

Our team

Cross Skills

A wide range of working experiences gifted broad cross skills to our team, in the fire prevention field, by performing a risk-based engineering to serve the most complex projects, like in Oil&Gas, Power&Energy, pharmaceutical, chemical, food&beverage, automotive and logistics platforms markets.

We pride ourselves on our precious professional expertise, on satisfying the customers’ needs, on identifying the most appropriate codes and standards – European, international, insurance driven, specific guidelines for particular sectors / important multinational groups – on producing engineering designs that represent a real support for the client, on supervising the construction activities to constantly verify their compliance.


Our cross skills derive from the heritage acquired over time in multiple segments:

Holding Company

G&A is the Holding Company, created in 2019, owning Apyros.

This group is focused on corporate coordination, business growth and diversification.

Consultancy and Feasibility Studies

The cross skills coming from the handling of specific regulations of different sectors allow us to analyze the varied needs of the customer and propose the best tailor-made and cost-effective solutions. Continue…

Fire fighting design

The design of fire protection systems represents a fundamental step, in defining a complete fire prevention strategy, as it allows the client to: Continue…

Anti-seismic design

After an earthquake, even if structures are minimally damaged, impairment of the fire protection systems can result from breaks in pipings or from damage to water tanks. Continue

Performance based design

The event of fire is complex, it goes through chemical, physical and natural reactions; the analysis of its behavior and its effects can drive the choice for fire prevention strategies through safety measures aimed at protecting people, assets, business continuity and the environment. Continue

Supervision on site

In order to ensure uniformity between the design – already approved by the client and / or any third party – and the installation, it is possible to provide assistance and supervision on site during the construction phase. Continue

Fire prevention

The prevention of risk of fire implies an extensive and pragmatic experience coming from different business sectors and extensive regulatory expertise. We can propose the following services: Continue


Apyros was born thanks to the idea and the mission of creating a really competent and flexible Company, aiming at supporting the clients during their working life,
in the decision-making processes, in the management of a continuous but weighted and evaluated risk.
This dedication led Diego Petruio, in 2010, to the foundation of Apyros (from Greek, without fire); his perseverance and seriousness committed for the growth of the Company, which has proved to be regular and exponential.


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